Community and Customer Love

It's incredible the feedback we get from our customers with how our high protein superfood helps them to feel unstoppable. Whether it's to start a habit of eating breakfast, better manage insulin levels, perform better at the gym, lose weight or if it's to start putting yourself first more; we hope we can be of assistance to you. 

Here are some of the real stories we received from some of our amazing customers. Please contact us if you would like to share your story. You just never know who you might inspire. 



Ahi ahi marie. I have had my first bowl of High Protein Breakfast Cereal this morning. I had it with a cup of blue top milk and a serving of strawberries. I was a bit concerned about having nuts in a cereal as they have previously been very crunchy and hurt my teeth. Your nuts were not hard at all. I would have liked the almonds to have been broken up though instead of whole. I had the Peach and Nectarine flavour and overall the cereal was very tasty. Usually, when I have cereal, the Low GI one increases my blood glucose by 3-4 points. Your cereal went from 5.5 up to 7.5 two hours later - already an improvement. I had breakfast around 7.45am and I needed to have lunch at 12pm. Which will be fine for work as I usually have breakfast around 7am and morning tea at 11am. Sorry for the essay but I thought you would like to know details.

L Masters, Whangaui


Loving my new cereal! After changing my diet and lifestyle to cut out crappy food and do crossfit 5 times a week I needed a cereal that wasn't laden with sugar but high in protein. I have nearly finished my whole first pack of this and I love it! I weighed out my first portion to see what it looked like and it didn't look like much but I can tell you I was full and it fuelled me through my workout too! It has a different texture to regular muesli and you can taste that it isn't laden in hidden sugar. Great quality product for those who are looking to try a healthy option.