28 April 2019

28 April 2019

I had an amazing weekend out and about in stores in Auckland, I started reflecting on my business journey. Learning to grow a business is definitely new to me. I've never done anything like it before. The one thing I've had to get used to is the range of emotions that comes with doing something you're extremely passionate about and steps you outside your comfort zone.

I've experienced excitement, nervousness, fear, unworthiness, acceptance, the highs and all those in-between; sometimes all of them in one day. It's definitely been a journey and where I previously might have shoved those hard feelings away, I've learnt to meet and acknowledge them. I also learnt to be a lot kinder to myself and enjoy everything that is shown to me (some days are easier than others on that one).

Fear often sounded like this for me.....

Fear: Arrrrrrgh! Crap! Everything is going horribly wrong! You screwed it all up! You’ll never be good enough and you’ll end up living in a box on the street and everyone will say I-told-you-so and they’ll be right! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Me: I’m hit! Man down!

Instead, now I say "hi fear" and talk to it with as much love and compassion as I can. I have come to realise that feeling of fear isn't necessarily telling me I need to stop what I'm doing; I may just need to take some time to be still. Sometimes that means naps on the couch with my cat, Lydia (she can nap a lot).

One thing I have learnt is fear is not intentionally out to get you. It’s just scared that things are going to go horribly wrong and it doesn’t know how to say that in a helpful way.

I know when I meet our customers, the topic of fear comes up a lot. When is the last time you met fear? I’d love to hear your ways to move through it.

You're amazing and you got this.