Liz O’Callaghan

Hi my name is Liz O’Callaghan, one of the co-founders of the High Protein Breakfast Co. In December 2013, I fully committed to my weight loss journey. This was after two years of trying every method I thought would work and failing. I never imagined this would start me on a long journey and in the process decide to start my own business! Two years ago if someone had told me, I would be researching, manufacturing and selling ‘high protein’ breakfast foods to help others with weight management, health and fitness, I’d have been very surprised!

At first, my goal was weight management and to be thinner. Little did I know my journey would encompass gaining broad knowledge on how my body performs and living the healthiest life possible. My sojourn through the highs and lows of healthy eating exposed me to a lot of high carbohydrate breakfasts; mostly complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole wheat toast and fruit; protein was limited to ‘a dollop of yogurt or a splash of milk’. Most of us know, we should include protein with breakfast, but there’s a big difference between a little protein and making it the focus of breakfast. A high-protein breakfast, including ‘healthy fats’ is what I attribute my current success to.

My quest led me to extensive research on the benefits of protein for breakfast. One of the challenges was finding a high protein breakfast that was quick and convenient but did not contain the sugars or fillers that so many processed breakfast foods contain. This meant creating my own breakfast. Eventually I developed a recipe that provided all the nutritional value I needed to support my post-workout recovery, and give me that full, satisfied feeling.

It’s called ‘Start Me Up’. Not just because it helped me to get motivated every day, but because it’s the original formula that motivated me to start this new business venture, including the goal to assist other people reach their potential every day.

This is the back story that led to our vision of a business that would motivate and empower others to start their own path to improved weight management and better health by understanding the vital role ‘protein’ and ‘healthy fats’ is to everyone’s diet.

Perhaps your goal is to become fitter and healthier, look better, to be a more competitive athlete or a balance of all of these. Whatever your aims, the High Protein Breakfast Company would like the opportunity to assist you choose the breakfast ingredients to nourish your body and soul, and to be your best every day.